Dear Rodney, I decided to give your philosophies a true test this off season to see if it would help my endurance. I had a really difficult time getting away from the weightlifter mindset because it was all I ever knew. When I committed to bodyweight exercises in a circuit training format I was a little bit off key for a few days. Not using barbells was not my style, but nevertheless I committed to following your program.

It has been two months now and I feel that I put your program to the test. I can only say one thing and that is WOW! I cannot believe how my endurance and cardiovascular conditioning has improved. I have begun riding now and I cannot believe how much stronger I feel on my bike. I no longer feel tired half way through a moto and my recovery time takes little time at all. It took 12 years of improper training to realize what it takes to be racer fit. I will never race train like a bodybuilder again.

Mike Fedorko

Edwardsville, PA

Hi Rodney, First off let me tell you your fitness plan was phenomenal, it helped me become the rider I was hoping to be, even riding a stock bike in a class with big dollar equipment. Your program works well with my lanky physique, I noticed how much more stamina I had even at rough tracks like Southwick. Keep up the good work!

Tyler Dullnig

ATV Four Stroke Amateur

NEATV Series Massachusetts

Rodney, your website, books and weekly newsletter insights have a tremendous impact on my advancement within the sport of motocross. It's current and gives my races an edge I never expected. It doesn't seem to matter if I e-mail or check out your site when I need help, I always get the answers I need when I need them. You always respond quickly to my emails and it always feels like you take the time to listen and actually care about my results. The fact that I placed 3rd in my first Motocross race this past weekend speaks for itself. You truly played a big part with all the help that you graciously give out on a daily basis. It's a true measurement of how passionate you are about Motocross and I always feel like I am in good hands. You are a trusted source that I know that I count on and I can't thank you enough, I really can't!!

Nicole Labrecque

MX Beginner

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Rodney, I have used your training tips for the last month and feel like I am in better shape than I have ever been before. I put together an intense circuit using exercises from your book that I am doing twice a week, indoor rock climbing twice a week and completing one hour of pure intense cardio. I never really worked my stabilizing muscles in my bodybuilding routines and found myself injury prone. My right shoulder took a decent amount of shock load in a race last season which led to a partial separation. Slowly I have worked strength back into my shoulder. The suspended pushups and hindu pushups have helped me to capitalize on my recovery training. I am very satisfied with the direction your training manual has provided.

Levi David

Rock climber 5.11+ indoor 5.9c outdoor lead

Motocross: 250 Novice heading to B class

Rodney, I just want to give you an update. It's been awhile since I purchased your product. Just two weeks of doing your workouts, not only I feel better on the bike, but the next day I feel like a million bucks and I'm 36 years old! The next day after riding I used to feel so tired and sore, I would want to lay around the house. I've been lifting weights all my life and I've never felt so good. Also, I have been using sand bags, I can do anything with a sandbag that I can do in a gym. That's all I have for now. Thanks again Rodney.


North Carolina

Just wanted to drop a quick email. I've been going through the book (Motocross Fitness) specifically the portions dealing with arm pump. They were most helpful. I'm 44 years old and am in relatively great shape for my age. I used to be into body building and only within the last several months have I changed my workouts more from bodybuilding to moto x type workouts. I only had four days to try out the exercises from the book, but they made all the difference relative to arm pump and being able to ride much longer without rest. Thank you again,

Wayne M. Rozenberg

Murrieta, CA

Rodney, I am very impressed with your book (The Power of Pushups) and the personal service! well done. very useful guide with many solid variations and workable ideas! ps - i'm kinda a push up fanatic and you covered the subject very well! thanks again!

Lance Murkin

Pushup Enthusiast