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Here is what others have to say about the MXF training program:


Updated Testimonial from a long-time MXF subscriber!

"Dear Rodney,

I have been a faithful follower of your publications for quite some time now. I am a former bodybuilder and
powerlifter with a deep passion for motocross racing. I have generally had good results but my endurance
was never quite up to par with my competitors. I decided to give your philosophies a true test this off season
to see if it would help my endurance. I had a really difficult time getting away from the weightlifter mindset
because it was all I ever knew. When I committed to bodyweight exercises in a circuit training format I was a
little bit off key for a few days. Not using barbells was not my style, but nevertheless I committed to following
your program.

It has been two months now and I feel that I put your program to the test. I can only say one thing and that is
WOW! I cannot believe how my endurance and cardiovascular conditioning has improved. I have been
begun riding now and I cannot believe how much stronger I feel on my bike. I no longer feel tired half way
through a moto and my recovery time takes little time at all. Bodyweight exercises, when performed properly
as a circuit have outstanding effects on your entire body as a whole. I am now leaner, more muscular then
ever. It took 12 years of improper training to realize what it takes to be racer fit. I will never race train like a
bodybuilder again.

For anyone out there who thinks you need a fancy gym and weighlifting equipment to train, go into your
basement and pump out 300 Hindu squats in less then 20 minutes. You will see what I mean. Lastly,
bodyweight exercises DO increase your overall strength. I went to the gym one day and tried some old
school barbell exercises like a weightlifter. I was able to surpass my old max weights while being 40 pds.
less in bodyweight. I am now a true believer.

Thank you Rodney"

Mike Fedorko
Edwardsville, PA


"Hi Rodney,

First off let me tell you your fitness plan was phenomenal, it helped me become the rider I was hoping to be,
even riding a stock bike in a class with big dollar equipment.  Your program works well with my lanky
physique, I noticed how much more stamina I had even at rough tracks like Southwick.   Keep up the good

Tyler Dullnig
ATV Four Stroke Amateur
NEATV Series


"Rodney, your website, books and weekly newsletter insights have a tremendous impact on my
advancement within the sport of motocross.  It's current and gives my races an edge I never expected. It
doesn't seem to matter if I e-mail or check out your site when I need help, I always get the answers I need
when I need them. You always respond quickly to my e-mails and it always feels like you take the time to
listen and actually care about my results.  

The fact that I placed 3rd in my first Motocross race this past weekend speaks for itself. You truly played a
big part with all the help that you graciously give out on a daily basis. It's a true measurement of how
passionate you are about Motocross and I always feel like I am in good hands.

You are a trusted source that I know that I count on and I can't thank you enough, I really can't!!"

Nicole Labrecque
MX Beginner
Grande Prairie, Alberta



I have used your training tips for the last month and feel like I am in better shape than I have ever been
before.  I have always kept my fitness level high with bodybuilding routines and felt that my motocross was
not benefiting from the training I was doing.  I guess I just needed to hear someone say bodybuilding and
motocross do not add up to fast lap times. I put together a intense circuit using exercises from your book
that I am doing twice a week, indoor rock climbing twice a week and completing one hour of pure intense
cardio.  I never really worked my stabilizing muscles in my bodybuilding routines and found myself injury
prone.  My right shoulder took a decent amount of shock load in a race last season which led to a partial
separation. Slowly I have worked strength back into my shoulder.  The suspended pushups and hindu
pushups have helped me to capitalize on my recovery training.

I am very satisfied with the direction your training manual has provided.  My climbing endurance has
excelled in this last month. I feel confident that my riding endurance will too."

Levi David
Rock climber 5.11+ indoor 5.9c outdoor lead
Motocross: 250 Novice heading to B class


"Hello Rodney,

I just got your fitness files book
(The Moto X Fitness Files) today and I love it. I have been racing motocross
for 13 years now and even at the age of 29, I am now training harder then ever. I really enjoyed reading the
logics of your methods because for years I have always tried to come up with my own training methods to try
and torture myself to new levels. I have used very similar training methods of my own in motocross, as well
as powerlifting and bodybuilding, my other passions. I have chose to only race mx for now and dropped alot
of the extra muscle down to around 190 now."

Thanks for the great book,
Mike Fedorko
Edwardsville, PA


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I just want to give you an update.  Its been awhile since I purchased your product.  With a new baby, this is
exactly what I needed.  Just two weeks of doing your workouts, not only I feel better on the bike, but the
next day I feel like a million bucks and I'm 36 years old! The next day after riding I used to feel so tired and
sore, I would want to lay around the house.  With a baby you can't lay around the house, those days are
gone.  I've been lifting weights all my life and I've never felt so good.  Also, I have been using sand bags, I
can do anything with a sand bag that I can do in a gym.  Thats all I have for now.  Thanks again Rodney."  

North Carolina


"Just wanted to drop a quick e mail. I've been going through the book (Motocross Fitness) specifically the
portions dealing with arm pump. They were most helpful. I'm 44 years old and am in relatively great shape
for my age. I used to be into body building and only within the last several months have i changed my
workouts more from body building to moto x type workouts.  I only had four days to try out the exercises
from the book, but they made all the difference relative to arm pump and being able to ride much longer
without rest."

Thank you again,
Wayne M. Rozenberg
Murrieta, CA



very impressed with your book (The Power of Pushups) and the personal service! well done. very useful
guide with many solid variations and workable ideas!

ps - i'm kinda a push up fanatic and you covered the subject very well!  thanks again!"

Lance Murkin
Pushup Enthusiast



Thanks for the MX Fitness Training Guide. It is just what I needed to jump start my stale routine. I have had
it for almost 3 weeks now and I definitely feel the difference in strength, endurance, and motivation. The
deck of cards workout supplement is a killer routine which yields immediate strength and satisfaction in
knowing I can completely finish that grueling workout. The daily routines are excellent coupled with my
aerobic work. My first race this season was 2 weeks ago and I definitely felt in the best preseason shape
ever. Due to mechanical failure I dnf, but I felt good."

Thanks again for the program,
Dave Jones  
40+ Amateur NEMX  
New England   


"I love your exercises for arm pump. I find myself doing them 10 to 15 times a day and believe me it has
helped me alot. In fact I never get arm pump anymore while practicing or racing. Before I even got your
package I was doing 30 situps, 30 push up, 30 knee bends, and walking and running 6 miles a day. I thought I
was in pretty good shape. Then I started doing your exercises and I have to say I was sore for 2 or three
days.  Well I just wanted to thank you. You've helped me alot.  I will try to stay in touch. Thanks again."

Ron Smith,
Vet Racer


"Hi Rodney,

First of all can I thank you very much for your fitness program.  I'm 48 and I've raced on and off for almost 30
years.  I've never seen and felt such effective results in any program I've tried.  It made me feel as if I've
wasted valuable time and energy for years thinking I was doing the right thing.  Anyway,thanks again and
I'm looking forward to beating the young 'uns in the first round of the twinshock championships hear in

Mick Collier


"I had used your unorthodox circuit training (jump rope, 10 lb sledge, push ups, pull ups, sit-ups...) the last
several weeks and noticed very good results.  Also, at your suggestions within your e-mails i have shortened
up my 1 hour to 1 hr & 15min cardio routine to a more intense 45 min routine and i have also felt better
during motos.  I made these two changes in my routine at the same time so i am not sure which one of the
changes has made the biggest difference, but an increase in my overall stamina was achieved! (FINALLY)"

Frank D. Beach
Vet Racer


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"When I would go to the races I would race two classes and be wiped out by the end of the day, and since I
have been using this manual I now race three classes and still have energy for practice after the race.  I
have gotten faster and make fewer mistakes becuase I'm not tired during the moto's.  This will benefit you
way more than that new carbon exhaust system you've been checking out.  Great job Rodney."



"Rodney, the newsletter has been helpful in my training. Even though I compete in road racing and not
motocross. I find the exercises very helpful in my conditioning and preparation."
Jeff Saputelli


"Hi my name is Cory.  I have been racing ATV's for the past four years. I live in WI so you don't get a lot of
seat time in the winter.  Three weeks ago I went to a local snowcross track to get some practice.   I couldn't
believe how sore my legs and back were.  I was sore for about 3 days afterward.  I practiced again after
being on Rodney's program for just two weeks.  I felt so much better and in control, my legs, back feel much
stronger.  I could ride twice as long before getting tired, and today I feel great, no aches or soreness.  This
program is awesome. The results are great.  I definitely recommend this manual to anyone who wants to get
in shape for motocross."

Cory Gauthier,
GNC ATV Nationals
16-24 A Class,


"I got your motocross workout in the mail last week, when I got home from a business trip. I did the workout
on Monday and am still feeling the effects in my upper body. Lot's of good ideas that help keep me fresh
mentally and physically. And I have focused more on the intensity of the workout, which I can tell makes a
big difference. I have very good workout habits, but was just stuck in a rut with my previous routine.
Thanks, for the great ideas!"

Mike Voegele,
Vet Racer
40 and 45 A Class


"I have been training for a number of years now and got to a good standard of fitness (I looked good), but
must admit, when I started moto-x a few years ago (weekend warrior) I realised how inadequate my training
was for real sport. Having then read your advice as well I thought my training could do with updating........
WOW!!!!! I am now leaner, stronger and fitter and my biking experience has improved hugely....its now
great fun all the time instead of great fun for a while and then damn right dangerous when I got tired.

I would just like to thank you for passing on your advice and experiences to those of us who think we are
doing it right but are in fact only scratching the surface of our own abilities. I think the main thing I have
learnt is that I am capable of so much more than I thought and for that I thank you."

Good luck and keep up the brilliant work,

Dominic Chalk,
Motocross Racer
United Kingdom    


"My name is Brian and I am writing to tell you that I think you have a great web site and an excellent
newsletter. I read every newsletter you send.  I also want to say that I ordered your package deal a while
back and i love it. I can tell you know what you are talking about and take great pride in it as you should.
Keep up the great work and I will wear your t-shirt to help advertise for you. It is a great place for advise on

Thank you,

Brian Jones
Georgetown, Ky


"I received your push ups book today, and man this is good stuff, congratulations for a job well done.  This is
one of the best fitness manuals I ever read. The information was easy to understand and of great value. If
you are in the military or law enforcement you know push ups are part of our daily regimen, in this fitness
manual you will find a fun way spice up your workout while gaining a ton of functional strength which is a
most have in our job. Plus a lot of tips on how to workout the body as a whole. For you martial artists,
military, law enforcement and hard gainers out there, this book is a must have. Once again thanks and job
well done."


Pablo Cruz
San Antonio, Texas


"I received my manual yesterday, and I am very impressed from what I have read. I personally have spent
many years doing weights following (Big Beyond Belief) and the Navy Seals version. I have also done a lot
power lifting moves (not competitively) mind you, just to build strength. I have found that the Natural body
weight exercises like push ups and chins etc to be very effective and safe. They seem to build a very
efficent/functional body, like you mentioned.  My friend recently got me into enduro's/trail bike riding and
am quite hooked on it now, so I'm looking forward to getting the most out of it."

Robert Marshall
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand


"I received the book today (The Power of Pushups). Mr. Womack has done a very commendable job. The
pushups are divided into beginner, intermediate & advanced versions with workout guidelines for each
level. It discusses how pushups can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjuction with other methods
and sports training. Diet & nutrition are also covered. Apparatus such as the Lifeline Power Pushup 2,
pushup stands & rings are covered along with a section of recommended suppliers, books & web links. It's
perfect for beginners & a unique addition for the libraries of more advanced trainers."

Pushup Enthusiast


"Could it really be this simple?  How does a 54 year old sports and entertainment writer transform his body
from flab to fit in ten weeks. This book (The Power of Pushups) and its advice helped me reach my goal of
1000 push ups a day. I lost 20 lbs. of fat, went from a 38" to 32" slacks size, and feel great. Combined with a
sensible diet and sincere dedication, I'm convinced that doing the pushups in this book will make you
wonder why on earth you waited so long to get started!"

Steven J. Austin
Writer for Sports, Travel, and Entertainment Publications Worldwide Since 1982
Member, The Golf Writers Association of America
Writer/Creator, Fave Foods of the Famous


"I received the book – very good!
Thank you also for the hand written letter you sent."

Best Regards,

Luca Ermini,


"The exercises that Coach Womack uses are not only unique, but quite effective for motocross training or
any other action sport.  His workouts and exercises provide a good combination of strength, endurance, and
flexibility that address the development of the total athlete.  I highly recommend his training program for
any athlete, regardless of their sport."

Joe Ramos
Athletic Trainer
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