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As I have mentioned in Motocross Fitness and the MXF newsletters, there are alternative forms of training that
one can do that will produce great results.  Yes, there are other means of training besides just running and lifting

Sandbag training is one form of training that is very productive as well as inexpensive to set up.  It is effective for
all athletes because when you lift an unstable object that constantly changes and moves, it will force you to train
many of the stabilizing muscles of the body in addition to the major muscle groups.  

This is a great means of training for motocross racers because these often neglected, small muscle groups are
important in providing balance and function to your body which in turn help you to become a total athlete.  Much
like the movements of a motorcycle on a motocross track, the sandbag is always moving and changing.  It forces
the athlete to constantly adjust using balance as well as strength.  

It is also good for training your grip, hand, wrist, and forearm strength. There are many different movements that
can be done using sandbags, and you can also make them in different sizes and weights to accommodate your
strength for the exercises which you plan to use.

In researching this subject further, I recently came across a great website devoted solely to training with
sandbags that you will want to check out.  It is run by Josh Henkin, and he offers a variety of training exercises in
his recently published manual (ebook) -
Sandbag Strength - which provides 66 different exercises and 15
sandbag workouts.  He also offers some free bonuses if you order now.  

This downloadable ebook currently
sells for $19.95, but its price will increase in the near future.  If you are
interested in this type of training
click one of the links below.  I highly recommend this type of training for all

Good Luck and Train Hard,
Sandbag Training
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