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When training the entire body
the midsection and neck are
extremely important.  But,
midsection and neck exercises
are the most overlooked areas
in most training programs
despite the fact that they are
very important.  

At some point in your life you
may have lower back or neck
pain.  This is common for many
people whether they are
athletes or not.  Personally, I
have problems with both
because of a genetic problem
in my lower back.  

But, I have discovered some
exercises that have helped me
strengthen my back and neck,
and have lowered the
frequency with which I have
pain.  The exercises that I use
address the abdominal area,
lower and upper back, and

Now, you’re probably
wondering why a motocross
racer should develop their
neck muscles.  To me, this is
important for safety reasons as
well as to help you improve
your overall strength and
fitness.  Neck and spinal
injuries are the greatest fear
for any racer, and the thought
of spending your life in a
wheelchair is not pleasant.  

Therefore, I would strongly
spend time strengthening their
neck and spinal column
 If you can prevent ...
Importance of Training
the Neck and Midsection
Part 1
Last week’s newsletter
addressed the importance of
training the midsection and
the neck.  And, I left you
hanging with a question as to
what the best neck exercise
was.  Well, there is more than
one answer.  

First, there is the
.  Secondly,
the more advanced version is
sometimes called a back neck
bridge.  There is also the
doesn’t work the neck like the
other two, but it is still a great
exercise that develops
strength and flexibility in the
midsection and spinal column.

Now, some of you may have
never seen these exercises or
heard of them before.  
Thoroughly describing these
exercises is beyond the scope
of a single newsletter, but,
take my word for it – these are
GREAT exercises for
developing strength, flexibility,
and endurance in your neck,
upper and lower back,
abdominals, hips, legs, and
many of the smaller muscles
surrounding the spinal column.

The problem with these
exercises is
learning the
proper technique . . .
Importance of Training
the Neck and Midsection
Part 2