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Motocross - Specific Products
Motocross Products from Sly Fox MX Closeouts
Pump X
>  Vitamin / Mineral Supplement designed for improved recovery after a race
or workout

> Allows additional bloodflow and oxygen to transport the proper vitamins,
proteins, and minerals to your muscles to prevent soreness

> Promotes muscle growth and  recovery rather than muscle deterioration

> Contains a proprietary blend of minerals and vitamins in order to help you
reduce and postpone the effects of arm pump

> Speeds up recovery time between motos!

Check it out in the Nutrition section at
> A Natural Performance Supplement designed for motocross and extreme athletes

> A combination of B-vitamin complex, electrolytes, and amino acids make
MotoXFuel the best replacement for energy drinks

> Provides increase focus and concentration, improved neural reaction times and
mental performance

> Reduces muscle cramping and helps maintain effective hydration

> Dramatic increase in overall energy

Check it out in the Nutrition section at
> Designed to Eliminate Arm Pump and to Increase Grip/Arm strength for Xtreme
Professional and Amateur riders

> The Xtreme Grip Gyro Exerciser combines an Gyro Exerciser with a standard
motocross type grip

> Act like you are on and off the throttle and the gyro force gets stronger and harder to
hold on to for an incredible wrist and forearm exercise!  Comes with a Free Instructional
Training CD!

> Maximizes grip strength and minimizes arm pump

> Increases hand control and reduces arm fatigue

Optional docking station available to automatically send the gyro spinning - just pick
up the
Grip and hang on!

Check it out in the Training section at
Xtreme Gyro Exerciser

on the DMC Moto-Timer

Rating: 10

"The Moto-Timer is the best
motocross-specific timing
device we've ever come

"In addition to being an
excellent tool for choosing
the fastest line, the DMC
Moto-Timer is great for
testing actual bike set-up
and aftermarket parts."

"Perhaps the biggest benefit
of having the Moto-Timer
installed is the
'against-the-clock' sensation
it gives you.  There's nothing
like a lap time to make you
ride your hardest out on the
track.  If you race, the
Moto-Timer is worth more
than the $49.95 price tag it

-TWMX April 2003 Product
Report pg 52.  
> The Moto-Timer Stop Watch is an electronic device that
allows the rider to time and record laps, lap segments, and
now starts!

It mounts to your handlebar near the left handle grip to allow the
rider to toggle times.

> The Moto-Timer holds up to 100 times in memory, which the
rider may view after riding.  Fastest, Slowest, and Average times
are also calculated for the rider.

> Given a 10 rating by Transworld Motocross -
"The Moto-Timer is the best motocross-specific timing device we've
ever come across."

> Check it out in the Training section at
DMC Moto-Timer Stop Watch
Classic CamelBak 70oz
Fly Hydro Pack  
Fly Convertible Hydro Pack
Attaches to Protector
Fly Convertible Hydro Pack Kit
Hydration Systems
> The low-profile, simple design of this Classic Camelbak offers comfort and
performance at an attractive price

> Holds 70 oz. of liquid for longer rides

> External zip pocket for keys and essentials

> Soft mesh harness is comfortable and breathable

> Check it out in the Hydro Paks section at
> 70 oz. bladder keeps you hydrated on those long rides

> High flow rate bite valve

> Fully adjustable mesh shoulder straps

> Two external pockets hold snacks, keys, wallet, etc.

> Check it out in the Hydro Paks section at
> Innovative new product can be easily attached to FLY Convertible Rock
so you don't have to choose between protection and hydration.

> Hydro pack functions as a standalone hydration pack

> Internal organizer designed with tools in mind

> Thick protective layer between bladder and your back

> Convertible Rock Deflector sold separately

Check it out in the Hydro Paks section at
> Fly Convertible Hydro Pack Kit  -  Includes Fly Convertible Rock
Deflector plus hydro pak in one!
 Combines two great products in one!

> The removable Hydro Pack attaches to Fly Convertible Rock
and features a thick protective layer between the fluid bladder
and rider's back

> Other features include an internal organizer designed with tools in mind

> Check it out in the Hydro Paks section at
TechNiche Cooling Ultra
Motocross Sports Vest
> TechNiche Cooling Ultra Motocross Sports Vest keeps you cool for hours!

Pull-over w/mesh ventilation panels and scoop neck; ideal for quad and dirt bike

> Simply soak in water 15 minutes before wearing and the imbedded polymer
keeps you cool for 1.5 - 2 hours

> Available in Black/ White, Sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

> Check it out in the Hydro Paks section at
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During the summer months it
is extremely important that
everyone takes care of
hydrating themselves
properly.  However, it is
important to remember that
hydration is not just a hot
weather matter; it needs to be
addressed year-round.  No
matter how hot or cool it is, it
is important that all athletes
stay thoroughly hydrated
before, during, and after their

First, hydrating yourself is not
only a race day thing.  You
need to drink plenty of water
throughout the week and
especially the day before
your race or event.  Now,
because of weight differences
everybody may be a little
different in their own personal
H2O requirements, but a
gallon of water a day would
probably be a good guideline
for most hard-working
athletes in a warm weather

It is also advisable to
avoid . . .
MXF Hot Weather
Health Tips
Learn how to recognize and
treat heat-related illnesses
such as cramps, heat
exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Read on . . .
Heat Illnesses
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