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Strength and Conditioning Equipment from Monkey Bar Gym
> Voted "Best piece of exercise equipment for 2001" -
Men's Health, January 2001

> Also featured in The Power of Pushups and Motocross

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> Increase your overall strength and muscular endurance
> Improve your coordination and balance
> Lose fat and improve conditioning
> Strengthen your core and stabilizing muscles
> Improve grip, hand, and forearm strength

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> Power Jump Rope comes with a fully illustrated book, calorie
expenditure formula, and progress chart

> This rope is adjustable for all heights, has ball bearing action
foam cushioned handles, and a lifetime guarantee

> Lightweight and portable - an inexpensive total body conditioner!

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> Jungle Gym with built in foot straps for body-weight chin-ups, rows,
runners, leg curls, pike-ups, and much more!

> Weighted Speed Rope for total body conditioning, quickness, and

> TNT Cable System for FULL body resistance training for lifting, pressing,
or pulling

> Door Attachment and Instructional guide and training DVD

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> Improve your overall health and fitness through bodyweight

> Increase your strength and conditioning using pushing, pulling,
running, and jumping exercises

> How to address injuries and problem areas

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> Voted "the best" core trainer in a university study

> Trains full body strength, endurance, power, and stability!

Forces you to stabilize the upper and lower body together
maximizing development of core strength!

> Use your feet or hands to perform unlimited core exercises!

> Includes instruction book and video

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Since its opening, the Monkey Bar
Gym's mission has been to create a
revolution in health and fitness with a
primary focus on "function" rather
than "fashion" or "trends". The MBG
focuses on intuitive, skill-based
movements that do not require any
machines and can be performed
anywhere, inside or outside a gym.
The staff of the Monkey Bar Gym
trains members to rely on their
instincts for the basics of movements
to train. These basic movements
include; running, jumping, crawling,
climbing, rolling and reacting.

After focusing on the basics, the
Monkey Bar Gym challenges its
members to increase their skill level
to achieve the ultimate performance
in strength, speed and stamina. The
result of this skills-based training
offers all members the chance to
achieve success in life and in any
sport imaginable.
    Welcome to the
  Monkey Bar Gym!

Want to get back in shape or train for
a marathon? Whether you want to
lose weight or enhance your athletic
abilities, the Monkey Bar Gym will
provide you with a unique fitness
experience. Our certified trainers, led
by Jon Hinds, will revolutionize how
you think about movement and
nutrition by teaching you the basics.

If you think about all the different types
of movement in fitness, you might
imagine yourself running on a
treadmill or riding a bike. In our gym,
we ask you to step off of the
machines and get away from the
mirrors while we demonstrate the
four, basic natural movements:
Running, Jumping, Crawling and
Climbing. Mastering these
movements will provide you with the
stability, strength and power you need
for all of your favorite activities.
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