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Kettlebells and Fitness Equipment from Dragon Door
35lb (16kg)
Russian Kettlebell
> Dragon Door’s Most Popular Russian Kettlebell Weighs 35lb (16kg)

> It is the Ideal Size for Most Men To Jumpstart Their New Cardio,
Conditioning and Strength Programs

> Great training tool for MX racers who want to train at home!

> Save money when you purchase a pair of same-weight kettlebells
53lb (24kg)
Russian Kettlebell
26lb (12kg)
Russian Kettlebell
> The 26 lb. kettlebell is a good starting point for younger athletes, women,
and those just starting their first training program.

> Kettlebells are also available in 10 lb., 14 lb., and 18 lb. versions

> The lighter kettlebells are great for beginners who wanted to get started
with an effective strength and conditioning program
What is a Kettlebell?

A 'kettlebell' or girya (Russ.) is a
traditional Russian cast iron
weight that looks like a
cannonball with a handle. The
ultimate tool for extreme
all-round fitness.

The kettlebell goes way back, it
first appeared in a Russian
dictionary in 1704 (Cherkikh,
1994). So popular were
kettlebells in Tsarist Russia that
any strongman or weightlifter
was referred to as a girevik, or 'a
kettlebell man'.

"Not a single sport develops our
muscular strength and bodies as
well as kettlebell athletics,"
reported Russian magazine
Hercules in 1913.

Why train with

Because they deliver extreme
all-round fitness. And no single
other tool does it better. Here is a
short list of hardware the
Russian kettlebell replaces:
barbells, dumbbells, belts for
weighted pullups and dips, thick
bars, lever bars, medicine balls,
grip devices, and cardio
> The 53 lb. kettlebell is the choice for stronger, more advanced athletes

> It is the most popular kettlebell in Russia for athletes and the military

> The 53 lber is a superior training tool that simultaneously delivers superior
cardio conditioning and excellent strength gains for those strong enough to
handle it
70lb (32kg)
Russian Kettlebell
> Dragon Door's 70lb (32kg) Russian Kettlebell is the Exercise Tool of Choice
for men who want to dominate physically

> The 70lb kettlebell has quickly become a favorite for martial artists, football
players and other athletes who need explosive power and additional brute

> Intended only for very strong, advanced athletes

> Kettlebells are also available in 79 lb., 88 lb., and 106 lb. versions
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get a complete refund on your purchase."
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> Training information for all levels of athletes

> Maximize your strength, endurance, and power!

> Learn how to effectively train using bodyweight exercises and kettlebells

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