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* I contributed a chapter on
fitness to this book.  It is
now available at Amazon.  
This book is well-thought
out and put together in an
informative manner with
plenty of high quality
photos and descriptions.  I
recommend it for off-road
and adventure riders.
In any activity, half the
battle to reaching your
goal is to simply get
started.  Whether it’s
right or wrong, just get
started.  When you are
first starting an exercise
program you need to
begin with a few basic
exercises and then
progress from there.

But, before you can even
start a program, you
need to have goals and
a plan to reach these
goals in place.  First, you
need to write out your
goals on paper.  When
you do this, you need to
be very specific with
these goals.  If you just
want to “improve my
fitness” that is not
specific, and it will be a
difficult goal to measure.  
“Lift 20% more weight in
the squat by January” is
a much more specific

There can also be short
and long term goals.  
You can break it down by
days, weeks, months,
and years.  But, be
specific when you write
these to insure that you
are capable of
measuring and reaching
them by certain time.

Once you have goals,
you should now choose
activities to address
these goals.  What will
help you reach these
goals?  Be specific in
choosing activities that
will help you reach them.  
If you’re not sure, then
you need to do some
research to find out what
will get you there.  If you
need to, then
some money in
training books,
videos, DVDs,
seminars, or clinics
that will provide you
with the information
that you need.

Once you have the
information that you
need, then create a
plan to get you started
on the road to
success. . .   
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