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Arm Pump Solutions:  How to Reduce Arm Pump
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Arm Pump Solutions - Book Orders
Arm Pump Solutions E - Book Orders
Arm Pump Solutions - Books and Exercise Products
Arm Pump is a serious problem faced by many motocross and off-road riders.  More riding is usually the best
prescription for overcoming this problem, but when that option is not available, or the arm pump just doesn't
subside, you need to take other actions to help alleviate this problem.  

The book,
Arm Pump Solutions, contains dynamic and strength exercises to help riders combat the dreaded
arm pump problem.  In addition to this book, there are also products to help you strengthen your fingers, hands,
wrists, and arms to help you with the problem.  If these areas are stronger, then you don't need a
"death grip"
on the handlebars, which is often one of the main causes of arm pump.  Of course there are many other possible
causes for this problem, and
Arm Pump Solutions addresses many of these potential arm pump culprits.  So, do
yourself a favor, if you suffer from arm pump on a regular basis, it is well worth it to get yourself a copy of
Pump Solutions
and see how stretching, dynamic, and strength exercises can help you deal with the problem.  
And, don't forget to check out the strength products below that can also help with these problem areas.
Strength and Endurance Products
for the Fingers, Hands, Wrists, and Arms
Captains of Crush Grippers
"The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers"
Featured in Arm Pump Solutions and Motocross Fitness
  • The Guide is the
    easiest of the Captains
    of Crush line
  • Recommended for
    beginners just starting
    out or as a warmup tool
  • Rated at 60 lb.
  • The Sport model is a step
    up from cheap plastic
  • A good starting point for
    those with some grip
  • Also used as a warmup tool
  • Rated at 80 lb.
  • The Trainer is just right for
    athletes with a moderate
    level of hand strength
  • Is good for training and as
    a warmup tool as you get
  • Rated at 100 lb.
  • The #1 - Hard to close
  • Many strong athletes cannot
    close this gripper the first
    time they try
  • Benchmark of a good,
    strong grip
  • Rated at 140 lb.
  • The #1.5 - Harder than the #1
  • Intended for strong athletes
    working towards the #2 gripper
  • Bridge between a CoC #1 and
    a #2
  • Rated at about 165 lb.
  • The #2 - Only for the very
  • When you close the #2 you
    have a grip to brag about
  • Rated at 195 lb.
  • CoC grippers go all the way
    up to a #4 gripper rated at
    365 lb. - CRAZY!
More Hand and Grip Strength Products
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A common mistake made
by many athletes is not
warming up their body
properly to prepare for
competition or practice.  
You warm up your bike
before you ride, why not
your body?

Whether you are racing,
practicing, running, lifting
weights, or engaging in
some other form of high
intensity exercise, it is
important that you
properly warm up your
body to prepare for the
stresses that you will
place upon it.  It is also
advisable to incorporate a
stretching routine into
your race preparation.  

Why warm-up and
stretch?  It prepares your
body for the stress of
exercise, whether aerobic
or resistance training.  
Your muscles should be
warm and your heart
should be pumping a little
before you ask your body
to perform at a higher

Many trainers and
coaches recommend that
athletes perform a
dynamic (movement)
warm up in addition to a
stretching routine to
prepare for competition or
a training session.  I
recommend that before
you exercise or ride that
you engage in at least 10
minutes of dynamic
exercise that gets your
muscles warm and your
heart rate up.

What type of warm-up
should you do?. . .
Race Day
Warm Up Your Body
Before You Ride
Arm pump is the enemy
of all motocross racers
– even the best in the
world.  And many of you
– from beginners to
professionals – suffer
from this condition
whenever you ride.  By
increasing your hand,
wrist, and forearm
flexibility, strength, and
endurance (with
exercises described in
this manual), you should
be able to improve your
ability to hold onto the
bars with less effort.  

Many MX athletes
complain about arm
pump, but they do little
about the problem.  The
first step in addressing
the problem is to . . .

To read the rest of the
story, order
Arm Pump
Solutions today!
Excerpt from
Arm Pump Solutions
Once you graduate from the weak plastic type of gripper, I
would recommend the
Captains of Crush line of hand grippers.
These are heavy duty grippers that are used by athletes to
develop a powerful grip.  They come in a variety of strengths
starting with the
Guide which is the easiest to close.  

Start with the
Guide, which is harder than a plastic gripper, and
work your way up to the
#1 and beyond.  These grippers will
stress your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms quite a bit, and
they will help you develop the strength and endurance needed
to control your bike without a
"death grip" on the handlebars.  
Give them a try.
Captains of Crush Grippers
"The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers"
Copyright 2004-2012 by RW3 Enterprises.  All rights reserved.
2nd Edition of Arm Pump Solutions is Now Available!  
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This 62 page book contains exercises that address:

  • flexibility
  • strength
  • endurance

for the fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms - all of the areas that
contribute to the
dreaded "arm pump".  

  • Stretching
  • Dynamic exercises
  • Strength exercises
  • Endurance training
  • Mental Preparation
  • And more!  

It's all covered in
Arm Pump Solutions!

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