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This week’s topic is
BALANCE IN YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM.  I recently answered a question from a customer
about maintaining a balanced training schedule.  Of course not everyone can devote a huge amount of time
every week to training outside of riding.  Limited time makes it difficult to maintain a regular training schedule for
some people.  But, I would recommend that you establish some balance in your weekly schedule between
endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, and coordination training.

Traditionally motocross riders would perform distance running much more than anything else for their training.  
But, in recent years more trainers are recommending a mixture of exercises and workouts to create a more
balanced training program.  

The main idea that I would like to present to you is to create a training program that incorporates a variety of
exercises that address the different components of motocross.  Obviously, you need endurance training.  You
also need strength training, and this is where most riders are probably lacking.  You are not looking for big
muscles or the strength of a weightlifter, but for functional strength that translates to your sport.

Weight training is beneficial when done correctly, but it costs money to join a gym and then you need to be
properly trained for specific exercises by a competent trainer (which many gyms don’t have).  If you have the time
and money you may want to go that route, but there is an alternative.  

You can gain functional strength without weights or a gym.  Bodyweight exercises are great for gaining functional
strength and improving your fitness.  And, you can do them at home without spending a lot of money.  

The other great thing about these types of exercises is that you can increase your endurance, flexibility, strength,
and coordination – all at the same time – when you perform the right exercises.  If you want to learn more about
bodyweight exercises, you can read my article about this topic at  

Even though I am an accomplished powerlifter with many years of weight training experience, I currently do more
bodyweight exercises than anything else, and I have discovered them to be just as challenging and productive as
any weight lifting exercises.

When you combine functional strength exercises with speed, agility, and endurance training you will become a
better athlete and rider.  This type of training will also decrease your risk of injury.  When you design your MX
training program be sure to include exercises and workouts to balance your training between endurance,
strength, agility, and coordination.   

This type of functional training is outlined for YOU in my training manual –
Motocross Fitness:  Functional Training and Strength Exercises for Motocross Athletes.  Check it out if you want
to improve your fitness and racing results.

That’s it for now.  Until next time – Train Hard.


If you want to learn more, go to the
MXF Store and order my training manual, Motocross Fitness.  It includes
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If you have any training questions email me at   I’ll be happy to help you out.  

Good Luck and Train Hard,

Rodney C. Womack III

Owner of
Moto X Fitness Newsletter #6 - 2004