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               Training Consistency

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Quick Fitness Tip

Because of limited time this week I will leave you with a few words about training.  BE CONSISTENT in your
training.  Most people fail with their strength and conditioning programs because they do not work out
consistently.  You can’t skip workouts on a regular basis and make progress.  You have to stick to a schedule
of training to get the full benefits from it.  It doesn’t matter what kind of workout that you do because you can
benefit from any type of training if you do it regularly.

The bottom line –
BE DISCIPLINED and CONSISTENT and stick to a regular workout schedule.  If you are able
to do this,
YOU will become a stronger, better conditioned MOTOCROSS ATHLETE.

That’s it for this week.  Remember, if you are serious about getting in better shape, work on it a every day.  It all
adds up in the end.  Until next week –


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Good Luck and Train Hard,

Rodney C. Womack III

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