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For many years I have maintained a training journal for my workouts and training and have found it to be a great
way to measure my progress and review my workouts.  In fact, I cannot imagine being able to undertake a
regular training schedule without recording my race results, training program, weights, reps, sets, time, etc.  

I recently came across a site that I want to pass along to you that would greatly benefit you in this area.  It's
MX Training Journal, and it has some great features created specifically for serious motocross racers
who want to maintain a journal of their racing, training, and diet.

In their words:

"Mx Training Journal is the ultimate tool for all serious motocross racers. With the help of Mx Training
Journal you can plan and document most everything that has to do with your practice and follow the
development in the form of statistics and diagrams.

You can enter different training and dietary schedules as well as having training and diet diaries.

In the training diary you enter different data from your training sessions, your bike setup, laptimes and
how well you performed on the track etc.

In the diet diary you have the ability to log everything you eat and to find out the intake amount of each

With the help of statistics and diagrams you can see if your progressing in the right direction and if you
don't, you can see why not."

Do not underestimate the importance of keeping a journal of your MX training.  If you are serious
about your racing and training you will sign up for this
TODAY.  Rush over RIGHT NOW and sign up for your
MX Training Journal.  Click MX Training Journal or on the banner below to check it out.  And, if you sign
up now you will receive a
Motocross 101 e-book for free!  Sign up today, you will be glad that you did!

Good Luck, Train Hard, and Keep a Journal of All of Your

Rodney Womack, CSCS
Moto X Fitness
MX Training Journal
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