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2007 Motocross of Nations
Saturday Sept. 22, 2007 Results

Free Practice

MX1 Class

1.  Ricky Carmichael          USA                2:05.817
2.  Chad Reed                   Australia         2:10.850
3.  Sebastian Pourcel        France            2:10.924

MX2 Class

1.  Ryan Villopoto              USA                2:06.554
2.  Ben Townley              New Zealand     2:07.989
3.  Antonio Cairoli              Italy                2:10.207

Open Class

1.  Tim Ferry                    USA                 2:08.781
2.  Ken de Dycker           Belgium            2:09.917
3.  Michael Byrne             Australia          2:11.315


Qualifying Race MX1

1.  Ricky Carmichael         USA                Led all 12 laps
2.  Grant Langston          South Africa        -0:30.827
3.  David Philippaerts         Italy                  -0:55.805

Qualifying Race MX2

1.  Ryan Villopoto              USA                Led all 12 laps
2.  Antonio Cairoli              Italy                     -0:43.845
3.  Gareth Swanepoel      South Africa          -0:58.918

*Ben Townley injured his shoulder in practice and did not race

Qualifying Race Open

1.  Tim Ferry                      USA                
2.  Michael Byrne               Australia              -0:24.996
3.  Joaquim Rodrigues       Portugal               -0:31.036


Top Qualifying Nations for the 2007 Motocross of Nations

1.  USA
2.  Republic of South Africa
3.  Italy
4.  Australia
5.  Belgium


Sunday Sept. 23, 2007 Results

MX1 / MX2 Race #1

1.  Ryan Villopoto                USA
2.  Chad Reed                   Australia
3.  Ricky Carmichael            USA
4.  Sebastien Pourcel         France
5.  Jonathan Barratgan       Spain

MX2 / Open Race #2

1.  Ryan Villopoto                USA
2.  Ken de Dycker              Belgium
3.  Tommy Searle             Great Britain
4.  Tim Ferry                        USA
5.  Pierre Renet                 France

Team Standings after two races

1.  USA                9 points
2.  France          25 points
3.  Spain            50 points

Here are some observations heading into the final and deciding moto of the day.  First, Ryan Villopoto has totally
dominated both races.  He led every lap of both motos and finished over 1 minute ahead of 2nd place in the
second moto.  If Tony Cairoli hadn't crashed and suffered bike problems he may have given him a race, but I
doubt it judging from RV's speed today - absolutely amazing.  

And, crashes have been the theme of today's event - RC crashed in moto #1 and came from dead last to third
place by the end of the moto.  Given another lap or so he probably would have finished second.  In the second
moto, the exact same thing happened to Tim Ferry who got up in last after his crash and worked back up to fourth
by moto's end.  A good performance by both riders to gain valuable points for their team.

Crashes have also hurt several other notable teams and riders such as Cairoli, Townley (on Saturday),
Swanepoel, McFarlane, etc.  It's been a rough day for some of the podium favorites.  Now, going into the final
moto, Team USA seems to have a comfortable lead over France, and only need one strong finish to clinch the
team victory.

MX1 / Open Race #3

1.  Ricky Carmichael       USA
2.  Tim Ferry                   USA
3.  Grant Langston        South Africa
4.  Steve Ramon            Belgium
5.  Tanel Leok                Estonia

Final Team Standings

1.  USA                  8 points
2.  France             34 points
3.  Belgium            35 points


For 2007 Team USA has proven that it has the best MX team.  It is unfortunate that there were so many pre-race
injuries as well as those that happened throughout the weekend.  The high number of crashes didn't help some of
the notable riders either.  It would have been nice to see Townley, Cairoli, Coppins, Stewart, etc. competing with
their teams at full strength, but that's the way the MX of Nations works, and Tim Ferry filled in nicely for Team

In fact, Team USA was totally dominant this weekend.  Each rider won their qualifying race on Saturday, and each
rider won their individual class on Sunday.  Going into the final moto there wasn't much to do but fill out the rest of
the podium.  Congratulations to France and Belgium on their steady performances that led to 2nd and 3rd places.
The team standings changed places several times during the last moto before it was ultimately decided by only
one point in favor of France.

With this being RC's final outdoor race, he goes out in fine style, and I would note that it looks like he has passed
the torch to Ryan Villopoto who put on a riding clinic to the rest of the competitors on his 250F machine.  Just like
Stefan Everts last year, RC wraps up his career on a winning note at the Motocross of Nations - congratulations to
the G.O.A.T. and Team USA!  Now that the 2007 event is over, we can look forward to the 2008 MX of Nations in
Great Britain!

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