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As a motocross racer most of your
focus is probably on improving
your riding skills and / or making  
your bike faster to help improve
your racing results.  But, one of the
most neglected aspects of your
race preparation probably is your
strength and physical
conditioning.  On race day it is
usually obvious who trains hard
and who doesn’t.  If you are
consistently out of breath, your
muscles are weak or fatigued, or
your arm pump keeps you from
riding a good pace, then you need
to get yourself into shape to be
able to ride a complete moto.  
Once you have determined that
you need to get in better shape,
you need to formulate a plan of
action to improve your physical
fitness.  Your first thought may be
to run several times during the
week to improve your aerobic
fitness.  You may also recognize
the need to improve your overall
body strength or even a specific
body part (legs, arms, etc.), so you
embark on a weight training
program.  Or, you may already be
in decent shape, and you want to
boost your physical condition even
higher by combining different
forms of training, or by hiring a
personal trainer.  There’s nothing
wrong with any of these ideas, but,
besides lifting weights and / or
running, there are alternative
forms of training that you can use
that are just as or even more
effective than those already
mentioned (and they are free).  
When performed properly and with
intensity, bodyweight exercises
can increase strength, endurance,
and flexibility even more effectively
than a traditional weight training

First, I believe that both methods
of training are effective. . . .
Why Train at Home?
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Sandbag Training
> Fantastic alternative means of strength and
endurance training

> Great for training your grip, hand, wrist, and forearm
strength as well as an excellent overall strength and
conditioning tool

> Just like a motocross bike, the sandbag is always
moving and changing which forces the athlete to
constantly adjust using balance as well as strength.  

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