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REAL Athletes"
Moto X Fitness is happy to offer the MXF Gold Package.  This combo package consists of two of our most
popular training manuals along with several
FREE training reports to HELP YOU get into top condition for
motocross or off-road racing.  Here's what you get when you order the
MXF Gold Package:

  • Motocross Fitness:  The Ultimate Home Training Guide for Motocross Athletes 2nd Edition
                                   ($24.97 value)

                                       ($19.97 value)

  • Five Free Moto X Fitness Training Reports including:

     - How to Get Started With Your Training ($5.00 value) plus
     - My Secret Workout ($5.00 value) plus
     - Bodyweight Strength Training ($5.00 value) plus
     - 2 extra free training reports ($5.00 value)


If you purchased these products separately with shipping you would pay
almost $70, but now I have
packaged all of these great products together to save you
Big Bucks!  How much?  How does $44.94
sound?  That's the regular retail price for just the two books alone.  But, since it's
on sale, it's even less.  

                                            Limited Time Only!

RIGHT NOW - I will let the MXF Gold Package go for only $40.97! (plus $5.50 S&H)

Yes, $40.97 - Don't wait any longer - Quit riding the fence and make a decision to start training right now -
MXF Way!  

Click below to order right now!  And, if you live outside the U.S. be sure to click the appropriate order
button because there is a
$4 shipping and handling fee (Gold Package only) for foreign orders
(included in the price) .

Thank you in advance for your order!

Good Luck and Train Hard,
Rodney Womack, CSCS
MXF Gold Package
U.S. Orders Only
MXF Gold Package
Special Price - $40.97
(plus $5.50 S&H)
Click Here Only if You Live in the U.S.
Outside the U.S. Orders  
MXF Gold Package  
Special Price -$44.97
(plus $5.50 S&H)
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