"Training for
REAL Athletes"
"Get in Shape for Motocross with Functional Exercises and Workouts that YOU can do
at home - You'll get the workout of your life in as little as 30 minutes a day with
exercises and workouts from Moto X Fitness"
  • IMAGINE being physically strong throughout an entire moto with increased strength and

  • IMAGINE leaving your rivals in the dust because you no longer suffer from arm pump  

  • IMAGINE standing on the podium with the winner's trophy while your competition wonders how
    you won.  

That could be YOU when you get yourself in TOP PHYSICAL CONDITION.

Now YOU Can Create a Strength and Conditioning Program for Motocross Using    Functional Training
Exercises Without A Gym or Personal Trainer
Even though Motocross is one of the Most Physically Demanding Sports in the world, HOW MUCH TIME DO
besides just riding?

If you are serious about YOUR MOTOCROSS FITNESS then you need to ask yourself the following

  • Do YOU spend more time working on your bike rather than your body?

  • Do YOU physically struggle to finish a race because of FATIGUE?  

  • Do YOU have to slow down because of ARM PUMP?

  • Are YOU excessively SORE the day after you race?  

  • Does it take YOU a long time to RECOVER between motos or after you race?       

If YOU answered YES to these questions, then I can help you.

If you DO NOT have these problems then


Because this information is for motocross riders who want to get into

For those riders who want to improve their MOTOCROSS FITNESS, STRENGTH, CONDITIONING,

* READ   ON *                                

Riding, alone, is not enough to put you in top physical condition for your sport.  In today’s competitive racing
world you need every advantage you can get, and I have the advantage that you need to excel in the world of
motocross.  This is not a gimmick or an exercise machine from some infomercial.  I have put together a training
program of exercises that you can do at home without weights that will put you in top condition.  

You invest a lot of money in your bike, equipment, parts, entry fees, etc., why not invest in your health and
improve your physical conditioning.  Leave your rivals in the dust at the end of the moto as you gain strength
while they drop off the pace because of their lack of strength and conditioning.  Even if you have the fastest
bike on the track, it doesn’t matter if you fade halfway through a moto.  

Now is the time to get off your butt and start training.  In as little as 30 minutes a day you can greatly increase
your strength, flexibility, reflexes, and endurance which in turn will help improve your ability to race hard for an
entire moto.  This program is appropriate for men, women, and children – beginners to professionals.  

YOU should consider the following benefits of a consistent strength and conditioning
program for motocross:

  • Improved overall health

  • Improved overall body strength

  • Decrease arm pump

  • Improved endurance and overall fitness

  • Improved reflexes and coordination

  • Quicker recovery time between motos and workouts

  • Ride with more confidence when you are in shape

  • Protect your body from injury

  • Decrease mistakes due to fatigue

  • Functional fitness for all action sports

  • Better bike control with increased strength

  • Be stronger at the end of the moto than your competition

Stop paying fees to a gym that you rarely go to.  Eliminate excuses for not working out (time, money, job, etc.).

Now is the time to get to work on improving your overall body strength and conditioning.  You can lift weights
and run long distances to get in shape, but you need more than that in order to become a total athlete.  

Most of the exercises in this program use your own bodyweight as well as a small amount of equipment (some
that you may already have).  Don't risk aggravating injuries (or creating new ones) with the stress of
weightlifting, or with the constant pounding on your joints from long distance running.

I guarantee that after using the time tested exercises in this manual, your overall strength and motocross fitness
will improve.  And improved fitness translates into better bike control, more focus, faster lap times, less fatigue,
etc., which in turn means that  you become a better rider.  

Lifting weights can be beneficial, if you are properly trained, but they can also cause or aggravate injuries.  Take
my word for it.  In addition to racing motocross, I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by
the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a competitive powerlifter with a bench press world
championship (2006).   

I know the hazards and injuries associated with weightlifting.  Motocross racers don't need that.  Bench pressing
over 400 pounds and squatting 600 pounds never helped me win a race.  I'm just a regular guy like you who
struggles to stay in condition to race motocross, and I have found that these exercises, more than weightlifting,
help me get in condition to be competitive on the track.  

Here is what others have to say about my training program


Hi Rodney,

"First of all can I thank you very much for your fitness program.  I'm 48 and I've raced on and off for almost 30
years.  I've never seen and felt such effective results in any program I've tried.  It made me feel as if I've wasted
valuable time and energy for years thinking I was doing the right thing.  Anyway,thanks again and I'm looking
forward to beating the young 'uns in the first round of the twinshock championships hear in Scotland."

Mick Collier


"I had used your unorthodox circuit training (jump rope, 10 lb sledge, push ups, pull ups, sit-ups...) the last
several weeks and noticed very good results.  Also, at your suggestions within your e-mails i have shortened up
my 1 hour to 1 hr & 15min cardio routine to a more intense 45 min routine and i have also felt better during
motos.  I made these two changes in my routine at the same time so i am not sure which one of the changes has
made the biggest difference, but an increase in my overall stamina was achieved! (FINALLY)"

Frank D. Beach
Vet Racer


"I love your exercises for arm pump. I find myself doing them 10 to 15 times a day and believe me it has helped
me alot. In fact I never get arm pump anymore while practicing or racing. Before I even got your package I was
doing 30 situps, 30 push up, 30 knee bends, and walking and running 6 miles a day. I thought I was in pretty
good shape. Then I started doing your exercises and I have to say I was sore for 2 or three days.  Well I just
wanted to thank you. You've helped me alot.  I will try to stay in touch. Thanks again."

Ron Smith, Vet Racer


"Hi my name is Cory.  I have been racing ATV's for the past four years. I live in WI so you don't get a lot of seat
time in the winter.  Three weeks ago I went to a local snowcross track to get some practice.   I couldn't believe
how sore my legs and back were.  I was sore for about 3 days afterward.  I practiced again after being on
Rodney's program for just two weeks.  I felt so much better and in control, my legs, back feel much stronger.  I
could ride twice as long before getting tired, and today I feel great, no aches or soreness.  This program is
awesome. The results are great.  I definitely recommend this manual to anyone who wants to get in shape for

Cory Gauthier,
GNC ATV Nationals
16-24 A Class,


"I got your motocross workout in the mail last week, when I got home from a business trip. I did the workout on
Monday and am still feeling the effects in my upper body. Lot's of good ideas that help keep me fresh mentally
and physically. And I have focused more on the intensity of the workout, which I can tell makes a big difference. I
have very good workout habits, but was just stuck in a rut with my previous routine. Thanks, for the great ideas!"

Mike Voegele,
Vet Racer
40 and 45 A Class


"I have been training for a number of years now and got to a good standard of fitness (I looked good), but must
admit, when I started moto-x a few years ago (weekend warrior) I realised how inadequate my training was for
real sport. Having then read your advice as well I thought my training could do with updating........WOW!!!!! I am
now leaner, stronger and fitter and my biking experience has improved hugely....its now great fun all the time
instead of great fun for a while and then damn right dangerous when I got tired.

I would just like to thank you for passing on your advice and experiences to those of us who think we are doing it
right but are in fact only scratching the surface of our own abilities. I think the main thing I have learnt is that I am
capable of so much more than I thought and for that I thank you."

Good luck and keep up the brilliant work,

Dominic Chalk,
Motocross Racer
United Kingdom    


"My name is Brian and I am writing to tell you that I think you have a great web site and an excellent newsletter. I
read every newsletter you send.  I also want to say that I ordered your package deal a while back and i love it. I
can tell you know what you are talking about and take great pride in it as you should. Keep up the great work
and I will wear your t-shirt to help advertise for you. It is a great place for advise on fitness."

Thank you,

Brian Jones
Georgetown, Ky


"I received my manual yesterday, and I am very impressed from what I have read. I personally have spent many
years doing weights following (Big Beyond Belief) and the Navy Seals version. I have also done a lot power lifting
moves (not competitively) mind you, just to build strength. I have found that the Natural body weight exercises like
push ups and chins etc to be very effective and safe. They seem to build a very efficent/functional body, like you
mentioned.  My friend recently got me into enduro's/trail bike riding and am quite hooked on it now, so I'm looking
forward to getting the most out of it."

Robert Marshall
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand


"The exercises that Coach Womack uses are not only unique, but quite effective for motocross training or any
other action sport.  His workouts and exercises provide a good combination of strength, endurance, and flexibility
that address the development of the total athlete.  I highly recommend his training program for any athlete,
regardless of their sport."

Joe Ramos
Athletic Trainer


"I just got your fitness files book today and I love it. I have been racing motocross for 13 years now and even at
the age of 29, I am now training harder then ever. I really enjoyed reading the logics of your methods because for
years I have always tried to come up with my own training methods to try and torture myself to new levels. I have
used very similar training methods of my own in motocross, as well as powerlifting and bodybuilding, my other
passions. I have chose to only race mx for now and dropped alot of the extra muscle down to around 190 now."

Thanks for the great book,
Mike Fedorko
Edwardsville, PA

More Testimonials


Don't use training programs designed for bodybuilders and weightlifters.  Motocross racers need a system of
training that combines strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance exercises that will prepare their body for
the sport of motocross.  

Your training time is valuable, and I have developed a system that will utilize your time wisely to allow you the time
that you need for riding.  The exercises that I present in this training manual are simple and effective, and have
been utilized by athletes for many years.  I, myself, use these exercises almost exclusively in my training.  

Here's what YOU will get in the Motocross Fitness Training Manual:

  • 10+ types of pushups

  • Neck Exercises to protect against injury

  • Exercises to strengthen your midsection and lower back

  • Functional exercises that will increase strength, flexibility, and endurance

  • Workouts to increase endurance without long distance running

  • Alternative workouts and exercises to eliminate boredom

  • Exercises using no equipment or equipment you may already have in  your home or garage

  • Workouts you can do anywhere at any time

  • Sample Workouts by days and weeks

  • Work out in 30 minutes or less if you are pressed for time

  • Work out in the privacy of your home without having to pay gym or personal trainer fees

Even though I train for powerlifting competition most of the time, I only lift weights about once a week right now.  
My other workouts consist of the exercises presented in this manual.  They are not only great for motocross
racers, but for other athletes as well.  And I guarantee that they will work for you.  

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This training manual contains 189 pages of training information to help you get started on your way to total
fitness.  Complete with exercise descriptions and photographs demonstrating proper exercise techniques, this
manual is useful for any athlete wishing to improve their strength and conditioning.

I'm serious about helping
YOU become a better, stronger, and safer rider.  If you are still not convinced that you
should invest in improving your health and fitness for motocross, then you should stop reading here.  Because for
those serious racers who want to become stronger and better conditioned, I have more information to offer, and
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