Hot Weather Health Tips

Motocross is an extremely physically demanding activity, and when you add in hot weather, humidity, and lots of protective gear it can become very dangerous during the hot summer months if you are not properly hydrated. Heat-induced illnesses and dehydration are real possibilities if the athlete is not properly prepared for race day.
During the summer months it is extremely important that everyone takes care of hydrating themselves properly. However, it is important to remember that hydration is not just a hot weather matter it needs to be addressed year-round. No matter how hot or cool it is, it is important that all athletes stay thoroughly hydrated before, during, and after their events.

First, hydrating yourself is not only a race day thing. You need to drink plenty of water throughout the week and especially the day before your race or event. Now, because of weight differences everybody may be a little different in their own personal H2O requirements, but a gallon of water a day would probably be a good guideline for most hard-working athletes in a warm weather environment.

It is also advisable to avoid drinks with sugar. A little sports drink (or Pedialyte) is OK when diluted with water, but I wouldn’t drink too much of them unless it’s really hot and you want to add something to your water for some energy. Products like Cytomax are good for staying hydrated and for recovery after a race or training session, so that would be a good supplement in addition to your water consumption.

When it comes to choosing drinks, it is especially important for you to avoid soft drinks which have no nutritional value and are loaded with sugar, syrup, and carbonated water. They can also upset your stomach in hot conditions if you are not properly hydrated.

Becoming dehydrated is no fun. The symptoms include weakness, nausea, headache, dizziness, vomiting, etc. If this happens to you on race day, it is imperative that you consume more water, and it would also be a good idea to have the medical personnel check you out. Don’t take risks with your health – drinking enough water is extremely important – Take it Seriously!

Proper hydration is only one part of the health equation, but it is a very important part of staying healthy and allowing your body to operate at its peak to enable you to perform at your highest level. So, as the summer months approach, keep this very important aspect of your health in mind.

Remember, dehydration is no fun and can be a dangerous situation, so hydrate before, during, and after your race to be at your best. It will also help you to recover faster after the event is over.

If you keep these tips in mind as you prepare during the week then you will be much stronger on race day. And, not only will you feel stronger, but you will avoid unnecessary fatigue and you will recover much faster.

So, the core of this week's message is - Stay Hydrated!