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One of the keys to maintaining and improving your fitness is consistency. For many of us it takes a special effort to
maintain our workouts while we’re traveling. Even if you travel occasionally for business or vacation most of you
know how difficult it is to stay with your workout routine. Part of it is based upon your schedule being different and
part is based upon the unfamiliar territory you may be going to, both of these present ongoing problems for your
workout routine. As an avid motocross rider and constant business traveler, I wanted to share a few ideas that
might help you maintain or in some cases even refresh your workout routine.

As far as the travel schedule challenges are concerned it is best to look for opportunities ahead of time to work
out, it is very difficult to discipline yourself to work out while traveling if you haven’t planned ahead with your
schedule. I pack a jump rope and deck of cards (see
Motocross Fitness for deck of cards workout) in my luggage
so that I will never be short on workout options. Many times you can find out if the hotel has a decent gym and what
the hours are ahead of time or in some cases they may have an affiliation with a private gym that you can access
as a guest for a few dollars. In some areas hospitals will have wellness centers used for cardiac rehab that allow
people to workout as a guest.   

Keeping your workout routine simple and not too time consuming is also a key to working out on the road. With a
jump rope and running shoes I can always squeeze in a workout between meetings or before breakfast. For those
of you who like to run, many hotels will have mapped out running routes if you ask at the front desk or in some
cases trails to run on. Even if you’re not an avid runner it will be a nice break from your routine and you get to see
some of the local area. Many times I find that other people in my group want to join me on the run, so it may turn
out to be a group activity. You can do 10-15 minutes of stretching and strengthening exercises before or after your
run and feel like you are maintaining your overall conditioning.

Whatever your choice of exercise is while traveling a little planning ahead of time will help you maintain your fitness
routine. One other comment is don’t disregard the option to run the stairs of your hotel or to find a parking lot
where you can do sprints coupled with push ups and sit ups to get a quick overall workout. Bottom line; there is no
reason to have to miss out on your workouts while traveling if you do a little planning.

In order to stay in shape while you are on the road, be sure to plan ahead, keep the workouts simple and not too
time consuming, and make sure that you do some type of workout everyday.

Mike Voegele is a Moto X Fitness subscriber, fitness enthusiast, and MX racer.


Thanks go out to Mike for this guest article which makes some great points for those of you who travel
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Mike Voegele
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