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"Training for
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  • Graduated University of Texas – Pan American, 1986, B.A.

  • High School teacher and coach since 1989

  • Married since 1987 with two children

  • Started riding motorcycles in 1969 at age six

  • Started racing motocross in 1971 at age eight

  • Raced throughout Texas in the 1970s

  • Raced in GNC Finals in 1978, 1979, 1980

  • Started competing in powerlifting in 1988

  • 2006 WABDL World Bench Press Champion in Class 1 - 220 lb.
    Division and Named Best Lifter in the Middleweight Division in Class 1

  • 2006 APF Texas State Bench Press Champion in 242 Master Division

  • 2002 WABDL National Bench Press Champion in 220 lb. Submaster  

  • 2003 WABDL National Bench Press Championships – 2nd place in
 220 lb. Master Division, 2nd place in 220 lb. Class 1 Division

  • 2003 WABDL World Bench Press Championships – 10th place in the  
    220 lb. Masters Division

  • 2005 NAP (National Alliance of Powerlifters) National Champion in
   Bench Press - Master Division (2 classes) - Also set a NAP World
   Record in one division          

  • 2005 WABDL World Bench Press Championships - 4th place (tie) in
   220 lb. Class 1 Division

  • Currently races motocross in the Over 40 class locally in Texas

  • In 1998 became Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)  
    with the National Strength and Conditioning Association                              

  • Over 25 years of strength training experience and over 20 years of
   Coaching Experience

  • Author of:  

  * Motocross Fitness:  The Ultimate Home Training Guide for
     Motocross Athletes,

* The Power of Pushups:  Over 50 Types of Pushups for          
     Developing Strength and Endurance,

* Arm Pump Solutions:  How to Reduce Arm Pump through
     Stretching and Exercise

  • Owner of and RW3 Enterprises
Rodney C. Womack III Biography
2003 WABDL World
Motocross - 1977
Motocross - 2004
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