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"Training for
REAL Athletes"
The 7 Best Exercises for Motocross
(according to me!)

The 7 Best Exercises for Motocross E - Book
Are you a beginner who is confused about how to get started with your training for MX?  

Do you wonder what exercises you should be doing?

Or, do you just want to train at home and get a high-quality workout
without the hassles of going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer?  


If so, today is your lucky day because
Moto X Fitness now has
the perfect way for you to GET STARTED with your training program!  

And, it is available in convenient
e-book form!  

Moto X Fitness now has a brand-new, never-before-published e-book called

The 7 Best Exercises for Motocross

The previous version was only available to those who ordered one of our training manuals,

but now the
extended 13-page e-book version comes complete
with exercise descriptions and photos.  

And, the best part is, you can do these exercises at home with just a little equipment –
no gym or trainer needed!

Are you ready to skip through all of the BS and get right to the
best exercises that you should be doing?

If so, this e-book is just what you need to get your training program started!

It may only be 13 pages, but it is packed full of fantastic training information.  


Here's what you get when you order
The 7 Best Exercises for Motocross e-book:
  • the 7 best exercises for MX (according to me) complete
with descriptions and photos, plus

  • several (11 to be exact) alternative exercises
(no photos, but a great list by itself), plus

  • a sample workout

Whether you are a beginner, or just someone
who wants to train at home with a simple program that
doesn't require expensive equipment
, this information is a great place to start.

But, There is More because with every order I will include 5 bonus Training Reports to help you create
your own training program.

Included with your 7 Best order, you will also get:

  • How to Get Started With Your Training which outlines all of the steps that you need to effectively start
    your own training program at home.  Free!

  • Plus Bodyweight Strength Training – this report features exercises for upper body, lower body, the
    midsection, and total body training.  Free!

  • Plus Alternative Workouts - use odd objects from the garage to help you get into shape.  Free!

  • Plus Rest and Recovery Tips for Hard Training Off-Road and MX Racers – how to take care of yourself
    and stay in top condition.  Free!

  • Plus Weight Training for Off Road / Motocross Racers - how to get started if you lift weights.  Free!

All of this information sent directly to your Inbox for the Low Price of

$7.77  Special Price

Yes, 7 is your lucky number because right now you can get The 7 Best Exercises for Motocross
(plus five free fitness reports) for

only $7.77!  

Now is the time to order!  
What are you waiting for?  It's time to get to work!


This e-book will be mailed to you as an email attachment in PDF form within 24 hours (probably a lot
sooner) of receiving your Paypal order
.  So, please be patient - I will email it to you ASAP.  Also, make
sure that you have
Adobe Reader installed to allow for viewing.  It is available as a free download.  

As the purchaser it is
YOUR responsibility to make sure that your email account is in working order and set up
to receive email with attachments from
Moto X Fitness!  On occasion, I get emails that bounce back to me
because the other account does not recognize my address, their inbox is too full, email address is wrong, etc.  
So, please make sure that you are able to receive my email - - before you order.  Feel
free to email me anytime as a test or if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Please remember that this ebook is the intellectual property of rw3 Enterprises and Moto X Fitness, and
cannot be copied, reproduced, or forwarded to those other than the purchasing party for whom it is
intended.  Failure to comply with this is punishable under copyright law, so please - keep it to yourself!
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